“We switched to ASP because of their great team. They have not disappointed. I like that they are local and a family owned company like my own. They really care. Pricing is competitive. Service is great. We have been really pleased.” — B. L.

“We contacted Mr. King in the fall about changing our liner. We had used his services before to close the pool and we had been very satisfied. He gave us a reasonable quote, brought us samples, told us there might be a slight increase in price from the time we received the quote to the actual time we would start, which was 6 months later. He communicated everything effectively, and we appreciated the fact that he told us in advance about the possibility of an increase, rather than let us know after the fact. Spring came, and he contacted us, allowing us to choose a convenient time to do the work. It had to be done before May 15, in order to fill the pool with water, and get a discount from the county. Everything went smoothly, from the ordering of the liner, to its installment, to the verification of the water level after the installation, to checking with us about details once the work was done. Mr. King’s communication style is effective, without being intrusive. He was in constant contact with us, through phone, texts, and emails. If he needed to come to our house to asses things he would always let us know by calling ahead. It was a god feeling not having strangers in the back yard unannounced. We are highly recommending ASP for any pool needs you might have. It is a small family and veteran owned company, Mr. King’s son helped with the work, and he was extremely polite, hard working, and thorough. We had two other pool companies working for us in the past, and we were not pleased with their services and their style of conducting business. I would qualify the style of business from ASP as thorough, elegant, efficient, reasonable, honest, problem solving.” — L. C.

“ASP is the most professional pool company I have used in the NOVA area. The owner James King made sure that the issue with my pool heater were resolved properly. They were always punctual and they took the time to make sure that I was completely satisfied. I would definitely recommend ASP for all your pool repairs.” — M. B.

“ASP is the best! I couldn’t ask for better service and have recommended them to many others who have been equally pleased.” — S. W.

“James and his people are very knowledgeable and courteous. Unlike many other pool companies, ASP actually wants the work. So many people say they will call back or show up and look at your pool but never do. You can count on ASP to be there when you need them. They installed a new filter and pump in my pool in 2014. Great advice. They give you pros and cons of the different options and recommend the product that works best for you and your pool.” — D. G.

“Love these guys!!!!!” — B. N.

“Really love these guys. No muss no fuss. Fair and honest.” — T. C.

“ASP is the most reliable pool company that I have ever used. They are prompt to respond to questions or concerns. They make owning a pool a breeze!” — C. R.

“He worked for us tirelessly trying to solve our sometimes changing needs. I would highly recommend ASP.” — L. B.

“They are very responsive, friendly and customer oriented. We have been happy with their work and their turn-around time, even during the busy periods.” — C. R.

We had a very hard time finding a company to handle our swimming pool renovation. We found companies that would come out to look at the project, promise an estimate and would never hear from them again. We also had companies that seemed to have questionable ideas about how to handle the renovation. We found James and ASP and never looked back. James was able to present several options for every aspect of the renovation, giving us pros and cons, along with pricing. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the work. He was able to work with the plaster supplier to provide us with a beautiful new “pebble” finish that is just making it into the market. He was able to make adjustments along the way through the process to ensure the end result was everything we were hoping for. All of James’ employees are extremely professional, courteous and prompt. A pleasure to work with. I cannot speak more highly about James and this company, you can’t do better if you have pool work you are considering. We are starting on our second year of service with ASP now, and they do an outstanding job at that as well! — B. O.

This is by far the best pool company in the Virginia Area. James is extremely knowledgable and fair. Very professional. I have 100% trust in him and his employees. If you are thinking about redoing your pool or installing heaters, pumps please call me and I will tell you know about my experience. — D. M.

In the spring of 2014, James King (ASP) rebuilt our pool – new plaster, new coping, new everything! We just opened the pool for the summer season and it looks great. James was patient with us, answered all of our questions and provided us the information we needed to manage costs and still get the pool we wanted. He even helped us find curved granite coping so we wouldn’t have so many grout lines (that can crumble and fall apart). Best decision we ever made – I highly recommend James and his company ASP. – T. H.

Last year we bought a house with a 36,000 gallon pool that was in horrible condition. We worked with a pool company that eventually got the water clean, but I was frustrated that as a new pool owner I knew more about pools then some of the service reps that came to our house. This year we decided to buy all new equipment to replace our aging pool equip and we interviewed and received quotes from 4 companies.  We decided to hire America’s Swimming Pool Company (NVA).  It was one of the best decisions we made. ASP gave us one of the lowest bids and I know that we received better quality work than one of the higher bidders because we used one of the higher bidders last year. We worked directly with the owner, James King. He asked us detailed questions about what we wanted, how we would use the pool, and what level of  pool maintenance we were comfortable doing ourselves.  James was thorough, timely, and more important patient with us.  I asked him dozens and dozens of questions and he answered them all. I also appreciated the fact that if he didn’t know an answer (we installed some equipment that just came out) he called Pentaire for us to get the answer. One of the things that I liked most about ASP is the excellent customer service we received as well as the high quality of work.  We are already working with ASP to plan some additional repairs to the tile/plaster of our pool. I look forward to working with them again. – T. H.

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